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The 9th China Information Integration Conference and 10th Anniversary Commemoration activities
发布:2020-12-18 16:46:30

The 9th China Information Integration Conference and 10th Anniversary Commemoration activities

Essay notice

The 9th China Information Fusion Conference, sponsored by the Information Fusion Branch of the China Aviation Society, will be held in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, in October 2019. The conference will be jointly organized by the North Institute of Automatic Control Technology and North China University. 2019 is the 10th anniversary of INFORMATION Integration Branch. Besides inviting domestic academicians and famous experts to give a conference report on the latest research results in related fields, a series of commemorative activities will be held such as special interviews, awards and awards for outstanding achievements. Selected papers included in the proceedings, the conference will be based on the quality of papers and exchange of excellent papers. The excellent paper will be published in The Journal of Information Fusion (the only electronic journal in the field of information fusion in China).

We warmly welcome domestic researchers in relevant fields to contribute and come to the conference for guidance. Let's enjoy the Grand gathering in the field of Information fusion in China and witness the remarkable achievements made by the Information Fusion Branch of China Aviation Society in the past ten years.

I. The scope of solicitation includes (but is not limited to) the following topics

Basic Theory: Fuzzy and Grey theory, Rough set theory, evidence theory, ontology, random set theory, possibility theory, cognitive theory, machine learning, statistical decision theory, estimation theory, etc.

Methods: the target and sensor modeling, detection, location and tracking, target recognition and classification, state estimation and decision-making, situation and threat estimation, image fusion, the fusion system structure and method of fusion performance modeling, evaluation and optimization of sensor management, data correlation, nonlinear filtering, mode and behavior analysis, etc.

Fusion applications: integrated electronic systems, traffic control, robots, autonomous navigation systems, intelligent transportation, biomedical information fusion and processing, wireless sensor networks, remote sensing mapping, video tracking and surveillance, etc.

Other fields: smart city, big data, data mining and visualization, cloud computing, Internet of vehicles, etc.

Two, essay request

1) Novel content, clear theme, reliable data, concise text, high level, no academic misconduct;

2) the manuscript can be written in both Chinese and English with a length of less than 6000 words. Please write the thesis in the format required by the conference. See the website of information fusion chapter for details and see www.csif.org.cn--> download center for the thesis template;

3) The paper shall not involve state secrets, and the work of confidentiality examination must be done well, and the "certificate of confidentiality Examination" issued by the confidentiality department of the unit must be provided; otherwise, the paper shall not be adopted;

Please send your manuscript via the official website of the congress: www.csif.org.cnver used > for information integration.

Important dates

Deadline for paper submission: May 31, 2019

Date of acceptance: June 30, 2019

Deadline for final paper: July 31, 2019

Contact: Wang Ziling 13105264768 Aviation Society of China Information Fusion Branch

Sun Wei-wei 15966525988 China Aviation Society Information Fusion Branch

Information Fusion Branch of China Aeronautical Society

November 20, 2018